Compass Adjustments and Repairs

1.1 Adjustment must be made by certified compass adjuster. 1.2 The date of any adjustment and other details should be noted in the compass deviation book. Such details should include the position of all compass correctors as well as the vessel’s position and sea conditions when the adjustments were made. 1.3 A compass deviation card should be prepared each time the compass is adjusted


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(a) SOLAS Consolidated Edition 2004, Ch V, Reg. 19.2
(b) IMO Assembly Resolution A.382(X) – Magnetic Compasses Carriage and Performance Standards
(c) STCW Convention, 1978, as amended, and the STCW Code
(d) ISO Standard 2269:1992 - Class A magnetic compasses, azimuth reading devices and binnacles -- Tests and certification



This Notice establishes the Administration’s policy for the adjustment and repair of magnetic compasses.


This Notice applies to all vessels, as well as mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) and mobile offshore units (MOUs) that are required to be fitted with a magnetic compass.


1.0 Allowed Residual Deviation
1.1 All vessels are required to be fitted with a properly adjusted magnetic compass.The residual deviation, or error, should be 5° or less on all headings.
2.0 When a Compass Should be Adjusted
2.1 Magnetic compasses should be adjusted when:
.1 They are first installed;
.2 They become unreliable;
.3 The observed error consistently exceeds the allowed limit of 5° on one or more headings;
.4 After dry docking, or after repairs or structural alterations have been made to the ship that could affect its permanent and / or induced magnetism;
.5 Electrical or magnetic equipment close to the compass is installed, removed, or altered;
.6 After one (1) year from when the compass was last adjusted if the required record of compass deviations has not been properly maintained or the record of deviations are excessive; and/or
.7 When deemed necessary by the Master.